About Me

Marshal- They - 22 - Eldritch being -

Heya I'm Marshal, A Eldritch Freelance Artist who likes to hide out in their office, hide in their meat suit, and draw while I drink coffee.

I tend to be a rather quiet but chill person online and in real life, although I always ensure to be myself I don't like giving much information out about myself like I used to. But I can say that I love to make others happy with my shitposts, illustrations, and by being my goofy self whenever I talk to anyone. I love to world build with close friends and make stories with them about our characters.

I've been into art since late 2000s, mostly AMVs and youtube animations made by artists like banithekitty, chrissietheeevee, Spottedfire25, and many more. The art style from that time holds a special place in my heart and I will always love seeing videos from back then appear since that's what started my passion for digital art. As I've gotten older I've become much more interested in different mediums, such as 2D/3D animation, Game Designs, Character Concepts, World Building, and many other things. I've come to have a love towards the semi-realism art style and I've developed something of my own.

Some games that I enjoy to play after a stressful day or just in general is Slime Rancher (1 & 2), CoreKeeper, Cult of the Lamb, Splatoon (1, 2, & 3), Animal Crossing, Dead Cells, and Coffee Talk! I plan to get into more games sometime soon when I'm not busy with my job.

When it comes to aesthetics I'm kind of all over the place since I tend to be rather indecisive on everything. So whenever I find something aesthetically pleasing and interesting to me I tend to be rather drawn to it. Everything has a reason for me and sometimes I just really like certain things due to me hyperfixating on them and doing a ton of research on them.